Thursday, February 3, 2011

Population Fundamentals

Geo Starter: 
Why do geographers use rates (per 1,000 population) rather than total sums?
For example, why do the population data sheets give us the number of births per 1,000 people in every country but does not tell us the total number of babies born in a year for each country?
Hint: the total number of births in China each year is 17 million.

Population Fundamentals I
#14 should read "Graph the major regions according to total population size (in descending order) for the present, for 2025, and for 2050. What trend can be observed in terms of population change? (use graph paper)
Population Fundamentals II
In question #2, it asks you to construct a bar graph showing the different PROPORTIONS of world populations by region. 
Do not go beyond question #4. You are not responsible for age-dependency ratio.

ONLY do ONE of the graphs: either the graph on Population Fundamentals I OR the graph on Population Fundamentals II.

Quiz on Monday! 
Study Pop Fund I & II, specifically the following concepts and how they apply to different countries.

most populous countries
crude birth rate
crude death rate
infant mortality rate
total fertility rate
rates versus total numbers
rate of natural increase
population projection
major region
life expectancy
That's it...I think... :-)

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